Private Speech & Holistic Therapies

MM Therapies  was founded by Mandy Mui Ngo in 2014 with the purpose to offer unique speech and holistic therapies for clients with communication, neurological and physical difficulties.

At MM Therapies we provide a multi-functional approach, combining Eastern and Western therapy techniques to achieve effective therapy results. We think ‘outside the box’. We offer therapy in a holistic way. We treat the whole person rather than individual symptoms.

YOU are reading this page because you are probably seeking for an alternative therapy technique? Or the therapy you are receiving has minimal effect?

For whatever reason, we are delighted that you are reading about us!


Mandy has many years of clinical experience as a qualified Speech and a Holistic Therapist. She has worked worldwide, conducting training to medical and teaching professionals, in different languages. She also worked for the Ministry of Defence (MOD), Clinical Lecturer at PNT University of Medicine, Vietnam. She was a guest speaker at many seminars in Asia and London. Mandy was also a Trustee/Director for the Stroke Action UK, London.


HCPC (Health & Care Professional Council) registered;The Guild of Holistic Therapists (MGHT) ; a member of Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT); Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independent Practice (ASLTIP).

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2 responses to “Private Speech & Holistic Therapies”

  1. Just 2 days before my big European trip from Australia, and had a fall and dislocated my Jaw, I went to Europe with pain around and jaw and tooth ache. I was not able to fully open my mouth to have my meals. A stranger in cruise ship saw my pain and came across and offered to help me out. I was treated immediately by this person I never met before and my pain went a away within minutes, I was able to open my mouth and enjoy the remaining holiday. This stranger and this person is Mandy. Mandy you are a true human being and thank you for feeling my pain and fixing my jaw. Thanks to you I enjoyed the rest of my holiday. Its hard to find a human being who will go out of their way to help. Also thank you for all your positive impact you had on us.

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