We provide private speech and language therapy service with expertise in assessment and intervention of communication difficulties. We work mainly with adults, but we do also see many children with cerebral palsy, and autistic spectrum disorder. We offer a modern functional speech therapy techniques with a combination of alternative Chinese Medicine for a holistic and effective approach.

We are qualified in assessing, diagnosing and treating clients with a communication disorder. We aim to provide clients with the best possible function, and quality of life by providing clients with tailored treatment sessions and advice.

You may be seeking speech therapy for an acquired condition, like apraxia of speech or aphasia as a result of a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other catastrophic event. In these cases, speech therapy for adults will focus on allowing you to regain your ability to speak, communicate, and understand others as much as possible. It will also focus on developing alternative methods to accomplish these tasks where necessary.

Your first session is about getting acquainted with your speech therapist, evaluating your needs, setting up your goals, and understanding what motivates you.  Our program usually have different goals, milestones and motivational quotes to get you to the finish line. 

We help people communicate at their best, so that their voices are heard !

Our mission is to improve the lives of our clients by providing the most effective speech therapy. 

You can receive the service at our clinic; or online sessions.


Acupressure is a manual therapy technique that is used to relieve pain and muscle tension. Acupressure is performed using fingers gradually pressing onto key points around the body to stimulate pain relief and muscle relaxation.

Clients with MS, MND, Facial Paralysis and Stroke Patients have benefited from this technique combined with Speech and Language Therapy.

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