Uthaya Jul 11, 2016

Just 2 days before my big European trip from Australia, and had a fall and dislocated my Jaw, I went to Europe with pain around and jaw and tooth ache. I was not able to fully open my mouth to have my meals. A stranger in cruise ship saw my pain and came across and offered to help me out. I was treated immediately by this person I never met before and my pain went a away within minutes, I was able to open my mouth and enjoy the remaining holiday. This stranger and this person is Mandy. Mandy you are a true human being and thank you for feeling my pain and fixing my jaw. Thanks to you I enjoyed the rest of my holiday. Its hard to find a human being who will go out of their way to help. Also thank you for all your positive impact you had on us.

Marianne Findlay Mar 10,2016:

Mandy has come into my life at exactly the right moment. I have nothing but praise and admiration for Mandy. Her professionalism, clarity in communication, and kindness are all intrinsic to her therapies.
I have been blessed to have Mandy gently guide me through life changing processes that have brought greater personal awareness, healing and renewed belief in my abilities. I have been strengthened and renewed and cannot thank Mandy enough for her positive energy and sincerity.

Helen C Feb, 2, 2016

I am very grateful for the great job you are doing with Raphael, He is improving a lot, and I find that his concentration is now better.

Caroline J Sep 11, 2015

I have found acupressure to be very beneficial for me and it is given by a sweet and lovely young lady.

Evelyn A Sep 11, 2015

Much more energy when I woke up and could sleep! And can put my foot down! Thank you for being such a star and cheering me up as well.

Fiona F Aug 24, 2015

We’ve both found great improvements thanks, and are very much looking forward to your next session and further benefits!

Sidney May 14, 2015

Thank you for your help and for the highly effective, greatly appreciated treatment you have given my wife.

Chris May 5, 2015

Mandy was very good, the pain in my leg has gone. The pain used to wake me up during the night, not any more. My fingers were bent into the palm of my hands. After Mandy treated them I was able to open them. I was able to hold the knife to cut food in the kitchen. The pain had gone from my fingers as well. I am very happy with the treatment from Mandy.

Ada- Hong Kong Charity Apr 22, 2015

We highly appreciated the great effort that Mandy has contributed in the playgroup.The responses from mothers are very positive and they LOVE this kind of group very much as they never attend one before. They have learned a lot from Mandy, as well the young children enjoy as much as the mothers.

Cynthia W Apr 22, 2014

I am sending you this email to thank you for the acupressure treatment you are giving my mum.
After regularly attending the excellent Parkinson’s Clinic and seeing many therapists not one ever suggested acupressure treatment for any of her conditions.
You have helped her enormously with her eating and chewing function, her walking has become more stable and her breathlessness has decreased.
She follows your exercise programme and has a very much more positive outlook on the Parkinson’s.
Many thanks

J M Oct 28, 2014
After long wait and losing patience with NHS, we decide to find private speech therapist who could help us with our son who is 3.5 years old and has speech delay and oral motor problem. Mandy offers different approach that drive results and give assurance to us as parents. She is very sincere and helpful. Thank You Mandy!

Ebony G July 20, 2016

My son is 3 and had a stroke at birth affecting his right sides mobility, his speech and comprehension.
I was seeking Speech and Language help as the service we were getting was having absolutely no effect.

From the very first session with Mandy (she used the electrical acupuncture device rather than needles as my son is so young), there were huge changes in George.

It’s like she unlocked parts of his brain that never knew they existed before.
She stimulated the language and comprehension points and also points to help his right arm and leg.

Within a couple of days, George began making verbal sounds he had never made before and humming songs he had forgotten (he learns something then his brain forgets it). He started saying “mama” which made me cry so much.

He is progressing more every day with his beginnings of speech and we are so grateful.

His walking has majorly progressed. He’s gone from taking a couple of steps with someone assisting him to walking all the way to the park and back in his walker!

We are just blown away by how much Mandy has helped our son to grow and blossom and we know with her support he is on the way to reaching his full potential.

He feels so happy with his increasing communication skills and independence and he has such a sense of contentment and freedom.

Thank God we found Mandy and are open to trying alternative therapies. This has helped more than all the therapies we’ve done put together (and he’s only had 5 sessions so far).
Mandy is so passionate and generous and really thinks outside of the box.
She has a genuine desire to do good and we are so thankful to her.

Ebony Gilbert and Steve Butterfield


Submitted on 2014/09/28 at 22:13
Mandy has been a God send for my 15 year old son with cerebral palsy. After years of treatment from the NHS with minimal effect. Mandy has instilled a great sense of confidence in his speech, his posture, his writing.
Mandy is very thorough, patient and kind when carrying out her therapy. Mandy is very professional and informs you what she was doing, she goes out of her way to help your child and the whole family. She is very accommodating with her appointments and is very punctual her kindness is never ending.
I always make sure I book the next appointment before Mandy leaves.
Thank you Mandy from Jennifer and Jarel.

Submitted on 2015/09/25 at 18:00 Treatment was great for pain relief and felt very relaxed afterwards. Would highly recommend Mandy to anyone who is in pain. From Sarah G

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